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About us

History was created over 10 years ago in 2013, and first released as the Dutch-only version called In 2023 the name has changed to SpamOK and the website has been translated into other languages. SpamOK has been created with the goal so everyone can easily create and use temporary email addresses.


We believe that the internet is a better and safer place if everyone can easily create a temporary email address.

There are many situations where a temporary email might come in handy. For example if a website asks you for your email address to create an account, but you do not trust the website enough to give your personal email address.

Or maybe you want to create a second account on a website, but your own email address is already in use. In this situation a temporary email might come in handy as well.

100% free

This service is totally free. SpamOK is maintained by enthousiasts and volunteers.

We try to provide the best service and quality to our customers. However, because this service is free, we cannot fully guarantee that our service is always fully available.

Are you experiencing issues with the use of SpamOK? Then feel free to contact us and we will take a look. Together we make SpamOK better!

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