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(16 characters / 103 bits / >100m years)

Welcome to the SpamOK Free Online Password Generator! This tool is designed to help you create highly secure and personalized passwords to improve your safety online.

How Our Password Generator Works

Our free password generator uses advanced algorithms and is designed for high security and customization in password creation. For full transparency we have open-sourced the inner workings of our algorithm. You can find the source-code on GitHub. Our free password generator offers two main methods for generating passwords:

  1. Basic Password Generation: This method creates random passwords of configurable length. You can include numbers, special characters, and choose between uppercase and lowercase letters. To avoid confusion, you can exclude specific characters or choose non-ambiguous characters that are easily distinguishable (like avoiding 'l' and '1').

  2. Diceware Passphrase Generation: This method generates passwords using a list of words from a wordlist. You can adjust the number of words, their capitalization, how they are separated, and even add a salt for extra security. The tool supports multiple languages, including English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Ukrainian.

Understanding Password Security Levels

Our free password generator assesses the security of your password based on the number of bits it contains. The more bits, the higher the number of possible combinations, making the password harder to crack. Here's how we classify password security:

  • Very Weak: Fewer bits, easily guessable with minimal effort.
  • Weak: Slightly better but still vulnerable to quick breaches.
  • Mediocre: Moderate security, but not advisable for sensitive information.
  • Strong: High number of bits, robust against most hacking attempts.
  • Very Strong: Extremely difficult to crack, suitable for securing sensitive data.
  • Overkill: Exceedingly high bit count, more than necessary for most applications but offers supreme security.

The time it would take to crack these passwords, shown in weeks/months/years, is based on an assumption of 1 trillion guesses ( per second. Under normal circumstances this is a very high estimate, but we prioritize safety by considering the capabilities of supercomputers and botnets in our estimations.

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